La Caja China Semi-Pro has arrived!

Here are the pics, God bless anything that comes pre-assembled! Roberto and the guys at La Caja China really outdid themselves on this one!


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3 responses to “La Caja China Semi-Pro has arrived!

  1. Joe

    A few questions:

    1. I’m ordering one this week……………any options I should include in the order?

    2. And, and pointers on the first use of this roaster?

    3. Have you used the smoke pistol yet? i was wondering how the favor was.


  2. Joe,


    1. The semi-pro arrives pretty well tricked out. I would toss in a couple of pairs of gloves, the heavy-duty cover, and maybe the collapsible rake. I also use the over-size internal grill alot, and I love my bear paws.

    If you plan to do whole pigs, I would strongly recommend getting the DVD, as it walks you step-by-step through the whole process.

    2. Lots of pointers scattered through my posts. I would say the most important thing for cooking on La Caja China is understanding the importance of maintaining internal temps. See my post “Temps and Tips for La Caja China” for more on this.

    3. Yes, I’ve used the smoke pistol, and honestly, it’s a bit of a learning curve. You can find much more detailed instructions at:

    I usually just add a couple of cups of pellets in a disp pan and call it good. See my How To on Brisket, (click on picture #4) here:

    I’ll have more tips in the upcoming “La Caja China Cooking” cookbook.



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