Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife – Review

Okay, one of my cooking partners picked me up the 8-in. Big Stick Chef’s Knife from Guy Fieri’s Knuckle Sandwich series.

I don’t usually get all weak in the knees by celebrity product lines (probably because they are so often crap in a pretty bag) but I had a feeling these knives were going to be a quality itemplus, they match our Burnin’ Love BBQ colors, & I’m a huge fan of Triple-D, lol!

For once, I was pleasantly surprised. Seriously, this knife is fantastic.

Weight, balance, and edge are every bit as good (if not better) than any of the top-of-the-line German knives I own. The handle feels just a bit narrow (I have big hands) but not uncomfortably so. Also, I would love to see them offer a 10-Inch version of this knife.

The Big Stick is nicely balanced, with a slight, ergonomic curve to the handle that you don’t really understand until you start cutting with it, and then you think, “Oh…YEAH!” It also has a crisscross knurl on the end for pulverizing garlic, nuts, etc. (Probably won’t ever use it, but it looks cool.) It’s pretty obvious that this knife was designed by a chef, as that slight parabolic curve allows for a great deal more pressure towards the tip of the blade, with far less exertion on the wrist than would be typical of other knives.

That’s the kind of concept that can take on significant importance after twelve hours of chopping vegetables.

Knuckle Sandwich Knives Specs:

# The blades are precision heat-treated to keep a great edge.
# Patented ergonomic design is created to be an extension of your hand for natural comfort.
# Made of high-carbon German stainless steel for stain resistance.
# Full tang and abbreviated bolster adds strength and balance.
# Hollow ground ovals in blade promote less stick and smoother cuts.
# Flames and Guy’s Knuckle Sandwich logo are distressed and permanently etched on the blades. The red and black           handles also boast a flame-waved design, and the star is added to complete Guy’s signature look.
# Includes two free Black Universal Edge Guards with flames.

– Perry

PS – Thanks Terry – you are the man!


Okay, be honest…are you a little intimidated by your own knifes? I know I was. Here’s a suggestion from me to you: The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills is a great book, in fact, my father bought it for me along with my first set of Henckels.

It’s become my “Dummies Guide” to my own knives, lol, and a great investment in my own cooking skills!

Complete Book of Knife Skills covers everything you should know about kitchen knives. In this book you’ll learn how to: Buy, Maintain, and Sharpen your knives. Plus, Knife Skills are explained in easy-to-follow steps combined with photographs and illustrations.


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13 responses to “Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife – Review

  1. dana

    i think we need the dragon dager next.

  2. Dave Bodkin

    My wife bought me the Big Stick and the Dragon Dagger for my birthday. Great knives. The Big Stick holds an edge, slices and dices with the best of them. The Dragon Dagger carves through meat like butter and the fork edge works to help serve what was just sliced…..

  3. Terry

    Giving gifts is Great!
    Giving gifts that give and give and give…IDEAL!

  4. Hey Bro, I read this quote in “Will Write for Food” last night, and thought about all the great meals in your kitchen…

    “One of the great delights of life is eating with friends, second to that is talking about eating, and for an unsurpassed double whammy, there is talking about eating while eating with friends.” – Laurie Colwin

  5. Dave, okay…good…wasn’t sure exactly what I’d want the dragon dagger for.

    Would it be a good bet for brisket?


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  7. OK, so it’s way cool. But is it Money? Does it fit your hand or does it wiggle around? Is an extention of your hand?
    If not, perhaps you should ignore Guy’s encorsement and judge it on its merits; could you happily live with this knife for the next 20 years?
    We’re big Guy fans but sometimes a product endoresment doesn’t quite work out in real life.

  8. John, couldn’t agree more, as I mentioned above..

    “I don’t usually get all weak in the knees by celebrity product lines (probably because they are so often crap in a pretty bag)”


    “Weight, balance, and edge are every bit as good (if not better) than any of the top-of-the-line German knives I own.”

    It’s (for me) money.


  9. They look very cool and it sounds like you have had a good experience with them. Do you know whether they are stamped or forged?

  10. Chris, not sure…I sent an email asking.

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  12. Okay, six(ish) month review update.

    I love this knife. Once my hand got used to it (a few days) it became an extension of my arm. I own a lot of knives, and some very good ones, and, except for a few “keepsakes” from my father and grandfather’s kitchens, I would give up any other knife in my collection to keep this one.

    Seriously, it’s that good.


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