Your favorite clam recipes?

Photo by Justin Collins

Hey everyone,

I’m finishing up an article for March/April 2011 issue of Oregon Coast Magazine, on the upcoming 2011 clamming season here in Oregon.

I want to give them a selection of a dozen or so recipes to go along with the article, from which the editor will pick 2-3 for publication along with the article. (Credit will be given with each recipe, unless you wish to remain unnamed.)

I’ll make sure the recipe authors get a complimentary copy of the published issue, as well.

Sooo…what’s you favorite clam recipe? Anything unusual or exotic? An old family favorite? You favorite version of a classic?

Please post your recipe below!

I’ll probably know, by mid-December, the editor’s picks.



PS – PLEASE feel free to pass this offer around, and to submit multiple recipes!


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7 responses to “Your favorite clam recipes?

  1. di

    Clam chowder is my favorite. I make it at home but it’s just a basic recipe with nothing special.

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  3. Yeah, just your standard recipe with lots of heavy cream, butter and corn.

    A lot of people around here like to do their razor clams with Ritz crackers, butter and broil them in the oven.

  4. Ohh…I like the sound of that, Duane! Can you get me a recipe?

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  6. Here’s some videos for your research:

    You Need to Dig Deep for a Fresh Clam Recipe

    Summer Demands an Easy Baked Stuffed Clam Recipe

    You can even watch a Dachshund go clamming:

    Chef Todd Mohr

  7. Chef Mohr,

    I’m honored. Thank you very much for the great information!

    – Perry

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