Top 10 BBQ Stocking Stuffers – $20 or less

Got a bbq boy, or grill gal on your Christmas list?

Are you a pitmaster with closet full of “Kiss the Cook” ties?

If so…here’s a list of my Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for the live-fire cooking enthusiasts, and not one of them costs more than twenty bucks!

Every item on this list is something I personally own, and love, and use on a regular basis!

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10. Garlic Gourmet Zesty My kitchen wouldn’t be complete without this stuff! For anything you like garlic on…bread, veggies, meats, potatoes…everything!

9. Weber 6433 Saucing System – The silicon brush with stainless steel handle, designed to rest perfectly on this clear measuring cup, keeps the sauce where it should be- in the cup and not on your floor!

8. King Kooker 36-Hole Jalapeno Rack with Corer – This 36-hole jalapeno rack offers high-capacity space for roasting piles of glossy peppers to smoky perfection. Ideal for preparing Chris Renner’s Pepper Bombs from our new cookbook, MEAT FIRE GOOD (see below)

7. Marinating Syringe – A Marinating Syringe is made to inject your choice of meat with your favorite marinade. Slow roasting cooks meat perfectly with the injected marinades, and you’ll get a deeper flavor than you’d get from immersion marinade, in MUCH less time.

6. Brinkmann Rib Rack – You’ve got half the neighborhood coming over for barbecued ribs and chicken, and there’s just not enough room on your grill. What to do? Solve this barbecue conundrum by using an upright rib rack. By stacking ribs or chicken vertically, you can save prime grill real estate for other munchies…or more ribs!

5. The Barbecue! Bible – The title of the latest assemblage from the author of James Beard Award-winning Raichlen  doesn’t begin to convey the international scope of the nearly 500 grilling recipes he gathered while on a three-year, 25-country pilgrimage. This recipe collection & illustrated travelogue is one of my all-time favorites!

You can take a look at my review here, as well.

4. Weber RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter – Get your charcoal going faster and easier than ever. Constructed of durable aluminized steel, this extra-large capacity starter is worth its weight in gold. This is the one item I use EVERY TIME that I bbq or grill. Also a must for La Caja China fans, as it holds exactly 7lbs of coals for easy measuring.

3. Grill Friends Double Kabob Skewers – The importance of this skewer is that the double fork allows one to “ladder” their food. With ordinary, single pronged skewers the food twirls and cooking is uneven. No more! Your kabobs will be perfect every time with the  Double Kabob Skewer.

2. Bear Paws: Meat handlers and Shredders – Meat handlers and more! Natural grip with stay cool handles. Handles everything from full size hams to steamy-hot family-sized turkey. Also, they’re awesome for shredding pork shoulder!

1. MEAT FIRE GOOD: The Burnin’ Love BBQ Cookbook – (Pre-order!) – Okay, so I gotta give my cookbook the #1 spot…right? Burnin’ Love BBQ’s pitmasters, Perry Perkins, Terry Ramsey, and Christopher Renner, include their most popular grill-top recipes, slow-smoked pit favorites, amazing side dishes; and dozens of step-by-step crowd-pleasers with full-color photographs.

What about you?

Any favorite barbeque-related stocking stuffers you’d like to add to the list? Add a link and brief description, below, and make sure it’s under twenty bucks!

Merry Christmas!



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  2. Hey all, for another GREAT gift (and bargain) for the barbeque fans on you list, check out my latest post:

    20lbs of hardwood chunks for smoking, assorted varieties, for under $30…and free shipping!

    – P

  3. I have #1 on my list. If my family doesn’t get it, I will!

  4. Here’s another one from the pitmaster’s at BBQ Pro Shop –

    Grilling Spice Gift Set $15.96

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