BBQ Cupcakes

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Today’s guest post is shared with us by my Facebook friend, Heather Kunishige. I saw the pictures she posted of these awesome looking cupcakes, and begged her to share them with us.

I’m really jazzed about this recipe, lol, these look awesome!

Thanks Heather!



BBQ Cupcakes

Heather Kunishige

For Father’s Day, I wanted to find something creative to make for all of the fathers coming to our barbeque.

Since we were combining Father’s Day with my daughter’s birthday, I wanted it to be special for both.

I searched the web for some recipe ideas for “Father’s Day” cakes that I could actually take on. I’m not a creative mind, so I have to borrow other cook’s ideas and then make them mine. (That’s creative right?)

So as I scoped through the images until  I ran across these little treasures on Disney’s Family Fun website…BBQ cupcakes!

How cute, or rather…how cool…

My husband and most of the dads coming to the party love to grill, of course, so these were going to be perfect!

BBQ Cupcakes (original recipe)

1 box of brownie mix
Black food coloring
White frosting
Orange sugar crystals
Caramel creams
Red, yellow, and green candy fruit slices, cut into small pieces
Hot Tamales candies

Mix brownie batter according to the box instructions


Place 12 liners in a muffin pan, oil them, and fill them 2/3 full of brownie batter, then bake according to the directions. Allow brownies to cool.

Mix 2 drops of black food coloring with 1/4 cup white frosting. Transfer the frosting to a ziplock-style bag and snip a very small section from the corner to create a piping bag (or, just use a piping bag!) Pipe “grate lines” onto each brownie and let them set for 20 minutes. Sprinkle of orange sugar to create the glowing coals.

Pork Chops

Prepare the “grill food” (below) and place atop each brownie. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

For the kebabs, alternate slices of caramel creams, and red, yellow, and green candy fruit pieces on a toothpick “skewers”.

For the pork chops, take two thirds of a caramel cream and mold with your fingers into shape (you could also do steaks, chicken legs…how good are you?) Create “grill marks” by applying black food coloring with a toothpick.

Hot Dogs

Easiest of all, the Hot dogs.  =  Create “grill marks” by applying black food coloring with a toothpick to the Hot Tamales candies.

How I did it…

These cupcakes looked easy enough for me to do, and I followed the recipe almost exactly. I used a few different ingredients, however.

~Instead of using black food coloring and frosting I used a very small tube of black icing from Fred Meyer. It made the grill more black than charcoal grey, but then our grill at home isn’t charcoal grey, it’s used so much its seasoned to black!

~For the steaks/pork chops I used “caramel bits” from Target, they were amazingly easy to squish and form, smaller too so I didn’t have to cut them apart like the caramel creams.

~For the Kabobs I used a box of Mike n Ikes, so I wouldn’t have to buy three different kinds of candies. So the red ones we used for the hot dogs and of course. Then cut up the red, yellow and green ones for the kabobs, alternating with the caramel bits in the middle.

Tip: If your brownies make little hills, cut off the tops for a flat surface so the candies will stay on easier.


~ Heather


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