Easily empty your La Caja China drip pan without losing a drop!

Look at that lovely broth!


Now, ya’all know I love my La Caja Chinas, all three of them, but let’s face it, there is one  issue with the Model #1 and Model #2 pig roasters (resolved in the Semi Pro) that can be frustrating…the drippings pan.

For a foodie like me, that broth that gathers in the drip pan under the pig is liquid gold. I dream about how that rich, amazing broth flavors my rice dishes, bean pots, soups, and anything else I can think to pour it into.

But – it’s kinda a pain to get that pan out of the box without spilling it everywhere!

Then, not only am I losing my lovely hog juice, but I’m creating a big greasy mess in the bottom of the box…and who’s gotta clean that up? Me!

So…we were roasting our last piggie in my model #2 at a friends house, and I was whining about getting those invaluable out of the roaster, without making a huge mess, as I’m incapable if lifting the pan out of the box and getting the broth into a container, without spilling it everywhere.

My friend had a Siphon-Mate Transfer Pump new in the package, on his shelf,  and offered to let me use it, so I thought…why not give it a try?

First, of course, we took it into the kitchen and pumped hot, soapy water (first), bleach water (second), and clear hot water (third, and forth) through to make sure it was clean, as it wasn’t manufactured with food in mind, lol.

When the piggie was done, sure enough, the drip pan was full within a half-inch of the rim…a guaranteed grease tsunami waiting to happen. Instead, I let it cool for about 20 minutes, until the broth was just warm, but the fat was still liquid, and dropped the intake into the pan, and the output hose into my stock pot.

A half-dozen pumps later and the pan was nearly empty, and easy to lift out without a single drip! The rest of the box was a 2 minute clean-up job with a few paper towels and a little of La Caja China’s degreasing spray.

Clean up of the Siphon-Mate was as easy as repeating the intial cleaning steps.

Best of all, I have 3/4 of a gallon of liquid gold pig broth to flavor beans, pork gravy, and my infamous Pulled Pork Dirty Rice. Needless to say, I’ve ordered my own Siphon-Mate, and can’t wait for it’s arrival!

You can order your own from Amazon.com through our Burnin’ Love BBQ Store!

Happy Roasting!


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  1. What a pleasure to find someone who idetiifnes the issues so clearly

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