BBQ Cookbook sales to benefit Veterans of Foreign Wars

Burnin’ Love BBQ is proud to announce that as of today, 100% of the proceeds from online sales of “MEAT FIRE GOOD: Burnin’ Love BBQ Pitmaster Recipes will be donated to the Tualatin Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3452 to support and further their mission and programs on behalf of the community and our veterans.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 3452  serves the communities of Tualatin, Tigard, King City, Sherwood, Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, and Durham.

“MEAT FIRE GOOD: Burnin’ Love BBQ Pitmaster Recipes is available on, direct from the publisher (linked above), and on eBay.

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Shortly after man discovered fire, he discovered that if you threw a chunk of meat on the coals, let it blacken, and then dug it out of the ashes…it tasted freakin’ awesome!

Since that evolutionary milestone, man has taken barbecue (or grilling, or smoking, or whatever you want to call it,) to the four corners of the world, and adapted it to the local ingredients he found there.

If it walked, swam, slithered, or flew, early man found a way to cook it over fire…and God bless him for it!

MEAT FIRE GOOD” takes you on a gastronomic tour of the globe, from classic Cuban and Indonesian dishes, to traditional Texas and Carolina BBQ, to the crisp, fresh flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Perkins includes grill-top favorites, slow-smoked pit classics, and amazing side dishes; dozens of step-by-step crowd-pleasers like:

~ True Texas Brisket
~ Pacific Northwest Salmon
~ Southern Roast Turkey
~ Carolina Pork Ribs
~ Memphis Whole Pickin’ Pig

Fire up the coals, pick your favorite recipes, and dazzle your guests with these simple, yet mouth-watering dishes!

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