I ain’t eating THAT! What’s your foodie wall?

Okay, so we all have foods that we dislike, things we’ve tried, maybe more than once, that just don’t fit our palate… mashed turnips come to mind… but that’s not what this post is about.

I want to talk about those foods that we can’t even bring ourselves to try.

Example: I’m a pretty open-minded eater….tripe, oysters, escargot, blood sausage, pork brains (and various other internal bits)…I’ve tried them all with varying degrees of enjoyment, and I’d try most of them again if someone offered (not a fan of tripe, though). So I really had to dig deep to find something that I think I’d turn down without a test nibble.

Then I was watching an episode of my favorite show, Bizarre Foods, and it hit me…a no brainer…spiders.

I hate spiders.

I hate spiders with a religious passion that’s typically reserved for Satan, murderous dictators, and lawyers. I can’t use the world hate strongly enough when it comes to these creepy, crawly, denizens of the underworld (the spiders, not the lawyers.)

And the thought of putting one in my mouth? Excuse me a moment while I bark at my shoes…

(I gotta be honest, I can barely watch this video…)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about bugs…I’ve eaten everything from chocolate covered grass-hoppers in a high-end restaurant, to deep-fried flying termites on a back porch in Jos, Nigeria (very good, btw, flavor and consistency of a pork-flavored Cheeto!)

Philosophically, I believe that food is food, and it’s only our narrow cultural influences that make one food “good” and another “gross.”

I try not to allow myself to be dictated by what is considered “normal” in a society that allows for a federally mandated amount of rodent feces in its canned food.

Except for spiders…spiders are gross.

Luckily, big, hairy, roasted spiders (bark, bark) are few and far between here in Oregon, so I think I’m pretty safe.

But, here’s the thing…

…what if it’s good?

That’s the question I always ask myself when confronted with an unusual food. What if I would like it…what if I would love it? If I thought it might be my new favorite food…could I get past my foodie-wall to find out?

Maybe, maybe not.

Do you have a particular food that you would refuse to even try? Something so far off your eating radar that you wouldn’t even consider it?

What’s your “Foodie Wall?”

Have you ever overcome one?


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4 responses to “I ain’t eating THAT! What’s your foodie wall?

  1. Goodness gracious Perry, it’s a good thing I didn’t read this over breakfast! I thought about eating spiders…(shudders)…then my mind went where no mind should flies (and you know what they like to hang out on)!!! (urp) I have some aversion to organ meats though have tried any put in front of me, never met a veggie I didn’t like and am pretty adventurous for an eater for the most part, but flies…NO WAY! So I’m with ya on the spiders too and I’ll up that to butterflies and moths too. =-P

  2. I think I’d eat spiders before I ate tripe.

  3. Well, I’ve done the goldfish with a beer chaser, but that was a lot of years ago. Gator jerky was good. I’m pretty adventurous with foods…. certain animals, I don’t think I’d go there (rats would be at the top of the list.)

    And no, I don’t think I’d do spiders.

  4. Dude! I’ve done the goldfish and beer chaser too! (As I recall, fuzzily, there were a number of tequila shooters preceding that culinary experience…)

    I’m not sure about rat…some nasty New York sewer rat…no way. Some kinda wild jungle rat livin’ on greens (Excuse me, waiter? Is the rat free-range?) I might be okay with. I REALLY want to try Ecuadorian guinea pig…and what’s that but a cute rat with no tail?

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