I need your help…

Okay peeps…my dear friend, and sister-in-Christ Linda Barr Batdorf needs our help. Her momma just passed away yesterday morning and they’re trying to bring her brother home from Alaska for the funeral on Sunday.

We need to get him home to say good-bye to his mom.

The round trip is around $1200.00, and  I’ve set up a PayPal link (below). I need 100 of you to kick in $10, $20…whatever you can give. If you can’t give (and believe me, I understand that) please, PLEASE pray that we are able to raise the funds in time!

Here’s the link:


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, I’m available all night at 503-816-5937



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  1. We’re at about $300 right now. You guys are awesome!

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