Bacon Salmon Bites

This recipe is one of those happy circumstances where you get to barter your expertise with a friend in a different field.

My old pal David Johnson happens to be one of the premier fishing guides on the Oregon Coast, and, in fact, in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Needless to say, David ends up with a lot of salmon and steelhead in his freezer!

Dave’s wife Tesha, probably through necessity, has learned how to cook her husband’s finned trophies is various and amazing ways. I had the opportunity to smoke some briskets for Dave’s birthday party this summer, and Tesha prepare these absolutely amazing salmon appetizers.

I ran into Dave about about half-way through the party, to find him packin’ a plate piled high with brisket…while I was working my way through a haystack of grilled salmon bites. Always a good sign when the cooks are eating each others food!

Here it is…try it, you’re going to love it!

Grilled Bacon Salmon BitesTesha Johnson’s Bacon Salmon Bites

1 bottle Lawry’s pineapple teriyaki sauce
1 can of chunk pineapple, juice and all
1lb fresh salmon fillet
1lb thin sliced bacon

Slice salmon into 2in cubes, and marinate overnight in sauce.

Drain salmon, boil remaining marinade 5 minutes, and then keep warm.

Wrap each nugget with half strip of thin cut bacon.

Either skewer the salmon bites, or load 4-5 in each section of a slider grill basket (as pictured), and grill over medium heat until bacon is crispy, basting occasionally.

Add a chunk of pineapple for juice and flavor in each wrap, and put toothpick through pineapple chunk to help anchor it in place.

Serve immediately…and try not to get between your guests and the platter!

-Chef Perry

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