FYI, Paula Deen is not your personal savior…and she probably doesn’t want to be.

So, apparently as a Food Blogger, I have a “responsibility” to comment on the whole Paula Deen/Diabetes Debacle, which I have religiously avoided up to this point.

In a nutshell: Paula “came out” about having Type 2 diabetes, which she’s had for several years, and much of the country has apparently been outraged enough to rouse from their Kardashian-enduced stupor and grunt (do lemmings grunt?) their dissatisfaction over the fact that she has “betrayed us all” by not pushing wheat-germ and tofu on her “southern cooking” show.

‘Cause…you know…we all thought her food was healthy, till we found out she had diabetes!

(Is my slant on this becoming too obvious?)

One comment I read actually stated, “Paula Deen’s failure to expose her diabetes and teach her audience that her recipes should make up at most a miniscule portion of an overall diet is a cynical moral failure of the first water, whether it was the doing of Deen, the Food Network, or both.”


Ooookay, my response…


How ’bout just a little bit of personal responsibility?

What Paula Deen cooks or eats cannot effect anyone but PAULA DEEN…unless someone makes a CHOICE to cook and eat it themselves. There are no invisible diabetes-rays coming out of your television and raising your blood sugar, just by watching.

Trust me on this…if there were, I’d be dead by now.

She’s diabetic? I’m sorry to hear that, but those are the consequences of her choices, or maybe an unavoidable hereditary gene…do we know? Is it any of our business?  When did she come out and say on her show, “I’m diabetic, and this is how all diabetics should eat!” ??? Why would anyone assume that she’s qualified to give that kind of nutritional advice, anyway? Who would be stupid enough to believe it?

Neither Paula, nor McDonalds, nor RJ Reynolds is holding a gun to anyone’s head. We need to stop whining , and pointing fingers, and trying to find someone else to blame (and, likely, sue) for our bad decisions! As my jr. high gym coach would say, “Suck it up, boys!”

OUR eating habits make us fat, OUR smoking gives us lung cancer, OUR overspending and sense of entitlement put us in debt.

Stop expecting someone else to role model your life for you.

YOU be your role model!

Okay, taking my pedestal and going back to my bunker, now…


PS – If you haven’t yet, go read up on Paula Deen’s rise from nowhere to stardom. You’ll find it shelved under “Courage” in the library. Just my .02

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15 responses to “FYI, Paula Deen is not your personal savior…and she probably doesn’t want to be.

  1. I thought you were pretty cool before, but now you’ve just been elevated to the same level as bacon.

  2. That is, easily, the greatest compliment I’ve ever received, lol!

  3. TerryDon

    Perry, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I agree with you. By way of adding a bit more whipped cream to the sundae; we are learning every day how our individual genetic make-up has an effect on how our bodies process what WE put into them. I’m not saying there’s a “diabetes” gene, but if your ancestors have a propensity towards a condition…keep your eyes doubly peeled for your self and children.

  4. Tesha Johnson

    AMEN, AMEN, A FREAKIN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said and I wholeheartedly agree!!!!! I absolutely detest the stupid facebook posts in which Mc Donalds food left out doesnt deteriate etc. Any food left out to dehydrate and preserve, will act the same. If you are gonna give partial information and exlude the rest, shame on you. Youre as much a liar in my book as

  5. Tesha Johnson

    Someone who deceives on purpose. I have four diabetics in my family, and three have recently become diabetic as a result of food the knowingly put into thwir mouths, knowing it wasnt healthy, and none of them watched Paula Deans show! Wonder of wonders, how could this be?

  6. Charlene Raley Poston

    I think Paula could use a few hugs right now….she cooks the way she learned….her heritage so to speak. I agree Perry. She’s not force feeding any of us.

  7. I came over from Nibble Me This because I saw the title of your blog post. Amen! Thank you for saying what has been on my mind for weeks now. I can’t stand it when people blame someone else for all their problems. I think it’s terrible that people are badmouthing Paula and her family. In the end I think they’re just jealous of her success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s great to know someone else agrees with me!

  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback.

  9. Well I must agree with the comment that said you’re cooler than bacon. But to me you;re better than fried foods!!! I totally agree and find your comments well said……..I don’t know you personally but I LOVE you~

  10. Perry, can you do anything but believe that we, as a species, are doomed when stuff like this happens?

    Do people forget that diabetes is genetic as well? I know people who’ve eaten food and lived lifestyles that would make an Indian yoga guru look like a debauched 60s era rockstar, and yet, somehow they ended up with life threatening illnesses in their mid 50s.

    My grandfather smoked 80 (yes, eighty!) cigarettes a day and lived until 90.

    But does that mean smoking is good for your health?

    No. It means that if my grandfather hadn’t smoked those 80 cigarettes a day, he would’ve survived until 100+

    People, I tell you…

  11. So you’re sayin’ I shouldn’t finish eating this burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches made out of Krispy Kremes for the bun? Exercise personal responsibility….what’s that? 😉

  12. Absolutely! In fact, I should probably just take that away from you…for your own good, you know…

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