We have a WINNER!!!

WINNER WINNER! Wow, those were some great pictures, you guys made it tough to decide! Still, after some deliberation with my “staff”, we have a clear winner…


Not only is that one beautiful swine you got there, but it was mutually agreed on that, given that I have that exact same aloha shirt, goatee, and lei, if I shaved my head, we’d pretty much be twins….which is to say, you’re a heckuva good lookin’ guy!

So, Chi Town…shoot me a DM with your name and mailing address. I’ll pass it on to Todd at A-Maze-N Products, and we’ll get your A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker to you asap!

Hey, do us a favor, and post some pics of your trial run!

Everyone else – those were some great pics, and some awesome lookin’ Q…stay tuned, we’re going to do it again soon!


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  1. Nim

    LOL =) Wow thank you so much I can not wait to try it out you are all the best I had some tough compitition. I wil post pics when I do. I am excited and can not wait to try it out.

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