“La Caja China Party!” Now Available!

La Caja China Party!

Just in time for Christmas!

  • 13 Themes
  • 85 Recipes
  • 160+ Photos

This is it, the best of my three La Caja China Cookbooks, and fully illustrated…perfect for using the magic box to create amazing memories for every occasion! In the box, on the grill, sides, desserts, and the perfect drinks!

Get your copy now, directly from the publisher!
(3-5 business days to be listed on Amazon.com.)

Chef Perry P. Perkins
“La Caja China Cooking”
“La Caja China World”
“La Caja China Smoke”

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2 responses to ““La Caja China Party!” Now Available!

  1. I need to go get one of these unique cookers, I get envious every time I come here. I mean, our team has SIX kamados and no La Caja Chinas, what’s wrong with this picture?

  2. ChefPerry

    No kidding, you need at LEAST even numbers! 😁

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