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La Caja China on Bizzarre Foods

La Caja China on Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern Episode: Miami

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How to Spatchcock and Inject Whole Chickens for Grilling

Here’s a video we put together, over at our sister-site, on how to spatchcock (remove the backbone) and inject a whole chicken with marinade.

This a a great method for adding some amazing flavors, while reducing your grilling or roasting time by almost half.


Here’s the injection recipe I like to use:

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Andrew Zimmern & La Caja China!

We gave you a heads up, last week, that La Caja China would be making another T.V. appearance, this time with my all-time favorite foodie, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame.

Still no details on when the show will air, or even which show it is…but here’s some behind the scenes action with Roberto and Andrew cooking a pig in the magic box!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Welcome to my life…


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I’m a YouTube Star!

Here’s a fun little video we did as a sermon illustration last week. The funny-lookin’ guy in the chef’s coat is me. My chili looks better…but I like the other guy’s music more, lol!


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Steak Doneness Poke Test

Hey all,

My dad taught me this method thirty years ago, and it’s never failed me. Great tip!

Rib Steak Poke Test – Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen



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The true meaning of Christmas (thank you, Linus)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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The Amazing History of Barbeque (video series)

Chef Jacques traces barbecue’s journey from Jamaica, the home of the earliest form of barbecue, which still survives today in the form of “jerk” cooking to the American mainland, where it was brought along with slaves from the Caribbean.

Along the way, Chef Jacques will offer mouth watering recipes for this all American delicacy from throughout its history: Memphis style ribs, a Texas smoked turkey, smoked beef brisket, Caribbean jerk tuna, and Carolina pulled pork. Chef Jacques demonstrates how in every smoky bite, there are hundreds and hundreds of years of history.

This 7-part series is THE best and most comprehensive series of videos on the history of barbeque, from it’s origins in the West Indies, to the Spanish introduction of pigs to the the new world, to the rise of the BBQ Shack in America. Plus, you’re gonna get some great recipes on the classics!

BTW – Part Two – has a great step-by-step to smoking a pork shoulder. Almost identical to my own recipe, and part three shares an awesome beer-based bbq sauce.

Jamaican bbq tuna, pork shoulder, bourbon glazed ribs, smoked turkey, beef brisket, and a whole heap of sides…these video clips show you how to do it all!

My favorite quote: “None of that French Wine with barbeque…beer is the thing!”


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Adam Richman & BBQ

Two of my favorite episodes…

Man v. Food’s Adam Richman learns the secrets (or most of them, at least) to barbecuing a whole hog at The Pit in North Carolina.

In the second clip, Adam checks out BBQ in, of all places… Syracuse New York, and trys out the “Porksket” sandwich at Dinosaur BBQ.

Pork and brisket together on one sandwich…whatcha think?

Whole Hog

New York BBQ?


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Kitchen techniques everyone should know

Watched “No Reservations – Techniques Special” today, and I was very impressed.

Even better, I found the entire episode (in three parts) on YouTube! (Watch below.)

From – Before tackling a recipe, there are some basic cooking skills everyone should know. In our Techniques special, we feature some of the world’s best chefs including Jacques Pepin, Thomas Keller and Tony Bourdain, who will demonstrate classic and simple dishes.

Thomas Keller (Thomas Fricking Keller!) demos a simple roast chicken. Also included are Tony’s Beef Bourguignon, an easy omelet, a simple but fabulous tomato sauce, how to cook a lobster, how NOT to destroy a steak, and lots more.

Chef Bourdain explains, “this show is a special in the true sense of the word. Meaning…this is an hour of instruction. It’s about how to cook.”

The featured techniques include:

  • Basic knife skills
  • How to cook a lobster
  • How to cook an omelet
  • How to make a tomato red sauce
  • How to grill a steak
  • How to roast a chicken
  • How to cook a hamburger
  • How to make a stew

Most of these recipes are posted here.

Seriously, this is one of these most instructive coverages of “the basics” I’ve ever seen. Of course, because it’s Tony, there’s a lot of humor…and a PG-13 rating. The bad words are bleeped, but it’s obvious what’s being said.

If you’re interested in learning “the basics” or maybe brushing up on some techniques you’ve just never gotten around to perfecting, this is a quick, simple, and very well done class by some of the very best chefs in the world.

Take a look at the videos and post your comments below. You can also read a VERY detailed overview of the episode, here:




Okay, be honest…are you a little intimidated by your own knifes? I know I was. Here’s a suggestion from me to you: The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills is a great book, in fact, my father bought it for me along with my first set of Henckels.

It’s become my “Dummies Guide” to my own knives, lol, and a great investment in my own cooking skills!

Complete Book of Knife Skills covers everything you should know about kitchen knives. In this book you’ll learn how to: Buy, Maintain, and Sharpen your knives. Plus, Knife Skills are explained in easy-to-follow steps combined with photographs and illustrations.

For ten bucks, it’s really been a great investment in my own cooking skills!

Master Your Kitchen Knives covers everything you should know about kitchen knives. In this eBook you’ll learn how to: Buy, Maintain, and Sharpen your knives. Plus, Knife Skills are explained in easy-to-follow steps combined with 163 color Photographs and Illustrations.


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