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Fritas (Cuban Hamburgers)

Hey all,

Roberto Guerra from La Caja China was kind enough to share this recipe with me. I grilled these up on the Cajita and they were awesome!

The seasoned curly fries (my version of  julienne potatoes) gave a nice crunch, and the chorizo adds a spicy kick that takes this burger over the top!

This is, hands down, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Here’s the recipe, just click on the thumbnails for larger images:

Oh, and you can find this, and many more, step-by-step recipes in my cookbooks, La Caja China Cooking, and MEAT FIRE GOOD, as well.

Cuban Fritas

Recipe by Roberto Guerra

This Cuban burgers are great to cook on the top grill while you roast the pig inside the box. The chorizo really make it special.

4 lb ground beef
2  lbs ground chorizo
2 lb ground pork
¾ C milk
¾ C bread crumbs
1 tsp paprika
3 Tbs minced onion
2 eggs
4 tsp salt
1 tsp Worcester sauce
½ tsp black pepper

Combine all the ground meat and chorizos.

Soak bread crumbs in milk, beat eggs and add to the milk together with all the remaining ingredients.

Add to the meat mixture and mix well using the hands. Shape into medium hamburgers, and place them in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Grill over hot coals, about 5 minutes per side. Keep a spray bottle handy, as the chorizo can cause impressive flare-ups.

Serve on medium size rolls topped with julienne potatoes.

PS – I also tossed a handful of oak chips on the coals about 5 minutes before grilling…’cause I could.


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