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Q&A – How much pig do I need to serve X number of people?

http://burninlovebbq.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/aaaapig.jpg?w=500In general for pork:

Live weight = 100 lbs.
Dressed (72%) = 72.5 lbs.
Eatable yield = 50-52 lbs.

I base my calculations on “dressed weight” because that’s how I always buy my pigs.

Remember, this is a generalization, pigs (like people) can carry widely different ratios of muscle, bone, and fat.

So,  now you know how much porktastic meat you’ll end up with, but…how much are people going to eat?

I plan 1/2lb per person, edible yield, for “mixed groups” (Men, women, and children), or potlucks with lots of side dishes.

So… 52lbs eatable yield / .5 =  100 servings (rounded down.) I know, that sounds like a lot, but it’s worked out almost exactly to that figure with the last half-dozen pigs I’ve roasted.  This is likely because for every mom who nibbles on a 1/4lb slice of pig, there’s a teen-age boy scoffing down three times as much!

I plan 3/4lb per person, dressed weight, if it’s mostly men, or if I’m just serving pulled pork sandwiches as the meal.

This equates to about 70 servings from a 52lb pig.

Hope that helps!

~Chef Perry

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