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The McRib vs. La Caja China

A Miami billboard is apparently causing quite a stir, and getting a write-up on the Miami Herald’s website:

“Hovering above one of the busiest thoroughfares in pork-roasting territory is a giant billboard featuring an image of the limited edition fast-food sandwich with this message: Put away la caja china, a reference to the contraption Cubans use as a fail-safe way to roast a pig for special celebrations such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.”

My response?


Well, ironically, I just tried a McRib yesterday and posted on our Facebook page about it.  Wasn’t too bad either…for what it is…slightly better than a mini-mart microwave sandwich.


But if they think it compares to smoked and roasted pork (or brisket, or lamb, etc, etc…) from a La Caja China, then ol’ Ronnie the red-headed clown is smoking somethin’ a lot stronger than pig down in Florida!



I’d be happy to set up my La Caja China in a Mickey Dee’s parking lot and have a customer taste-test any time…my La Caja China pulled pork sandwich against your bottle-sauced mystery meat…

What’cha say, Ronald?


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